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141) Valerie  Female
Paris, France
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Saturday, 7 March 2009 01:58 AM Host: Write a comment

:wah: Pat, this was my first reaction : crying out for Jeff and you, and being shot down by the blend of pain and love, as strong as they could be, showing up on these pages. You suffered so much from the misindications you had. I have no words.
I do love the pictures, particularly the one in the "tube" and the one at the table in Pismo, California. It is what I would have liked to have. At least you had this. And you are generous enough to share it with us. I put the picture of you and Jeff on my laptop screen, tell me if you mind, I will then take it out. I love the thoughts and writings of Jeff. Why shouldn't you publish Jeff's bits as some Internet manuscript? It would be great.

All the best to you Patrick.
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