The Paintings of Jeffrey Patrick Dirlam







This painting was done by Jeff in the mid 90's when he was living with us in Clovis, California. He was really into vampires back then and wrote a lot of stories and poetry with that theme. This painting always made me uneasy because of the pain it seemed to convey. Little did I know how prophetic this "self-portrait" would become! When Jeff died, his jaw was extended down like in this painting, and his mouth was frozen open. The difference is that his eyes were frozen wide open also and this painting at least has the eyes shut. The expression on this face however is almost identical to that last expression of Jeff's face that will be etched into my mind for all eternity!







This is another strange painting Jeff did and I am not sure when he painted it. It was when he was in his early 20's for sure however. He may have painted it when he lived with us but I don't recall seeing it. He more than likely painted it when he lived at his condo around 2000. I have no idea what it meant to him but he did love it and thought it to be his best work. The face in the painting looks almost religious, almost fanatical and yet, quite calm. One side of his head is peaceful and the other side is turbulent. This is again something that Jeff experienced in his life. He had so many bad things happen to him but he was always calm in the face of adversity. This picture has a very calming effect on me.








Again, I have no idea when Jeff painted this or what the theme was. He was always in deep comtemplation when he painted, so he was obviously thinking some specific thoughts here. I believe the flower in the center of the tangled web of leaves represents Jeff always present, always alone in the world. This is how I have always felt about my existance, but I didn't realize how alone Jeff felt until after I read his works. We are so very similar it is amazing! Even though the single flower is alone, it is very bright as if radiating hope throughout the cosmos.








This painting was done when Jeff was at his mother Martha's parents' house in BowlingGreen, Kentucky when he was between 6 and 8 years old. The colors reflect his bright outlook on life. Lots of things are going on but it is still predominately bright conveying to the world that "I am here and be prepared to smile!"





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